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Indigo Ranch News
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Spring Garage Sale is set for Friday and Saturday, March 22 and 23.  The date was pushed back due to Spring Break and by popular vote from residents. 
We do have signage that will be placed outside of the front gate a few days before the event for the public.  The gates will be open during this time for public entrance. 
A few tidbits are:  
  • A two day (consecutive Friday and Saturday) community garage sale will be allowed to be held twice a year on Friday and Saturday of the months of March and October.
  • Entrance gate will be opened from 9AM to 4 PM
  • Sales are held on an individual’s property, not in a common area
  • Property owners are responsible for placing their own directional signs and advertising around the neighborhood.
  • Signs are to be removed by 5PM, Saturday
  • A rain date will be determined later if needed due to the following weekend being Easter. 

Display of American Flags Fundraiser
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Currently,  CKM is no longer providing gate clickers.  The Board continues to research an updated and convenient system for residents to use in the future such as a "toll pass" or cell phone type system.  
If you have an older CKM purchased remote, remember to replace the A23 battery frequently for performance or switch to a newer remote ordered from Amazon.  
New remotes can be ordered personally though Amazon or other vendor. A 1 or 2 button can be used as long as it has a 10-flip switch setup for programming.  Once you receive your remote, reach out to Lisa Bodway for the programming code.  A 1 button remote will control just the entrance side.  A 2 button remote can program both entrance and exit sides.   lisabodway@sbcglobal.net or 832-585-9291.  
If you have a vehicle with a programmable visor button you will need at least one remote (yours or borrowed from a neighbor) to program the visor.  Instructions for programming will be in your auto's owner manual. 

Thank you. 

Front Gate Code Change
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